Today will be different


Today will be different.

“Dedicated to those who protect us, in particular to Italian and American special forces who are working in Afghanistan.”

Dedicated to the special operators who protect us this drawing features a team of Marsoc Operatives and a member of Italian Special Forces Task Force 45. The drawing was inspired by the indie movie Infil_Exfil made by a former Marsoc member who is going to publish is book about Marcos activites in Afghanistan, titled Level Zero Heroes, soon. If you fave this drawing I beg you to also fave the official Facebook page for Level Zero Hero.

I am pretty happy with the final result of this drawing that tooks almost 5 full days of work to be completed. A special thanks goes to my girlfriend who Always support me. Another special thanks goes to the guys at who introduced me to the US special operation world.

Constructive feedback is welcomed,


Shade, over and out.


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