Warrior I


In a big universe such as “A Shadow Story” ‘s one mercenaries were obviously going to play a big role in it. The Blue Lion Group first appeared as a PWC but after a while it became clear that they were much more than that.

Usually recruited among the best regiments and divisions they are extremely well trained and equipped.
You should try to avoid a direct contact with them.


© Nicola Montefusco Concept ARTist; Shade 117, ShadeART, Shade, the Artworks, Shadow company, UPDF, 1237° Regiment, NUKED, the contents, the descriptions, the layouts and the logos are all protected by copyright’s laws and are registered by Creative Commons or Copyright office.You can not use, redistribute, modify or copy the artworks with any mean be it digital or not. Every infranction will be punished by the law.

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