“The only easy day was Yesterday”

Just a tribute to one of the best (if not the best itsef) Special operation unit.
The new generation NVGs, the skull balaclava and the special loadout are mixed with futuristic and hi-tech armory (like the sniper – second soldier from the right).
With this piece I wanted to exercise on lighting, the main idea was shaping characters from one layer using just lights. It was done with Microsoft Surface PRO and Photoshop CC.
I am pleased with the results, any feedback is appreciated.

© Nicola Montefusco – All rights reserved.
© Nicola Montefusco, Sh4d3; Shade 117, ShadeART, Shade, the Artworks, Shadow company, UPDF, 1237° Regiment, NUKED, the contents, the descriptions, the layouts and the logos are all protected by copyright’s laws and are registered by Creative Commons or Copyright office.
You cannot use, redistribute, modify or copy the artworks with any mean be it digital or not, If you wish to use this artwork contact me.. Every infraction will be punished by the law.

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